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How To Work With An Interior Designer For The First Time

Today's video is going to be about what to expect when working with an interior designer. So, let’s talk about how to work with an interior designer.

I’m Rochelle of Rochelle Interiors and I’m based in Petaluma. An interior designer is there to help simplify the process for you. Whether it’s just redecorating your home, giving it an update or remodeling. Working with an interior designer is very personal. I recommend you look at some web sites, find somebody that their styles appeal to you and then give them a call. Talk to them and see if you click with them.

When you call an interior designer, you can expect them to ask you questions about your project. The size of the project in details, so you should probably think about those things before you call them and be ready with some answers. If you decide you click with that person, it would be a good time to discuss how they bill. Designers bill in different ways. Some bill by the hour, others can bill hourly plus they can put a markup on products or they will have a onetime project fee for everything. So, be sure to ask them how that works.

At this time, you’re probably going to know whether you’re comfortable enough or not with this designer to make an appointment. If so, ask them for their next available appointment that works with your schedule of course.

Once an appointment is schedule, the designer will probably give you some homework. I usually ask my clients to look at Houzz or Pinterest or any of the other social media sites for you to get ideas that will help you both streamline the project to get your ideas across.

So, now it’s time for the appointment that you made with the designer. You’re going to bring all of your homework. Anything that can help your designer with your vision. It’s what you both bring to the table that’s going to end up with the best result. Your first appointment is most likely going to be on site so that you can show the designer spaces that you’re going to be updating, remodeling, decorating.

Now, you and the designer can start collaborating on ideas for your space or spaces. They have your inspiration photos from your homework. And they can give you what their ideas are. And then from there, the designer can take all the things that you’ve discussed and go back to their office and put together storyboards for you with the ideas that you’ve shared and they will come up with their ideas and pull it all together. I do it in a Word document and e-mail it to the client. And they can put together what I call Key Notes together their notes for the client and the contractor to use for the project. They list most of the materials needed and the work that’s needed. It’s a great outline. From there the designer can also tell you what contractors, subcontractors and vendors you might need. I usually add those to the bottom of the keynotes. And hopefully if you don’t have contractors, the designer can recommend some for you. They can help you with every aspect from start to finish.

This has been a brief overview of how to work with an interior designer. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and thank you for listening.



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