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Interior Design Services

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The design process starts with an initial consultation to determine the scope of work, client’s needs and budget.  We generate ideas and create preliminary design, color options and other necessary services per project requirements.  Sometimes this is all the client needs or wants. If the project is more involved, an over-all written plan is created for labor with material specifications and conceptual floor plans are produced . Team meetings with  contractors, client and designer to review and edit idea’s and how they will be implemented (who is going to do what and get what) along with a timeline.  Having a well thought out plan with good communication is the key to a successful project and delivering the end results you want.

Color Consulting —inspire with color
Choosing the right color for paint, fabric or accessories can add depth or make a room inviting. Interior and exterior pallets.

Décor Selection —just the right pieces
Esthetics and function of décor are important for a space to meet individual needs and deliver ambiance to any home or office.

Window Treatments —enhance your home
The finishing touch that can add style, practicality and energy efficiency.

Space Planning —making it all work together
Create harmony and flow with the integration and placement of lighting, flooring, furniture and accessories.

Redesign —the power of placement
Regrouping your existing pieces to create a new look. It’s a well thought out plan to quickly update any room.

Remodeling —improve any space
Using the fundamentals of interior design and interior architecture to create conceptual remodeling ideas and plans. Create new rooms, replace or refresh flooring, counters or cabinets. Specializing in bathroom and kitchens.

Sustainable Design —a stylish and environmentally conscious option
Integrating methods and products into your design that promote a healthier home while respecting resources and energy efficiency. An array of choices as simple as using low VOC paints.

On-Line Design —guidance for diy design
Using e-mail, phone and SKYPE to communicate from any location, helping those clients that want a hands on experience for themselves. All our services are offered for your home or office. The client sends a description, measurements, intent and desires for a space with photos.  Products suggestions, resources, conceptual design and floor plans are shared  for clients to obtain the finished desired results.

Project Administration —streamline a project
Consulting and coordinating with contractors and trades people to facilitate an efficient and cost effective project from conception to completion.

Rochelle Interior services are charged by the hour for the service provided.

On-Location rate is $300 hour, 2 hour minimum then $130 hour after pro-rated at same meeting. Note: minimums & travel tine apply depending on location.
On-Line Design rate is $95 Hr (1.5 Hr minimum, pro-rated @ 15 minutes)

How I Work

It is my hope that you will have an amazing experience working with me.

(707) 486-8694