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Easy ReDesign Tips To Update Your Home Instantly

You can create a new look or decor theme simply by reworking your existing home accessories. This is called a ReDesign and one of the most practical ways to update a home. By simply placing items in different rooms or giving them a different purpose, antique dishes becoming a place to store jewelry and such. Or making a design statement by grouping and displaying your accessories by color, subject or material. Placing them together delivers more impact than having them randomly placed around the house.

Start by taking a good look around your house. Don’t forget those treasures packed away in closets, cupboards and the garage. You never know what you might find. Ask yourself, “Which pieces still work for me”? Display everything in one room, the dining room can be the perfect spot. Then go shopping through your own things. Recycle those unwanted items to a friend or charity, one woman’s trash………as the saying goes. Ultimately you are left the basic items to re-decorate your home. You will soon figure out where you need to add a new piece to complete or update a room.

A new lamp and decorative toss pillows are usually my first and many times the only new items I recommend.

Not sure what color(s) to choose? Take a cue from a favorite painting. For example the blue in this beach scene is our primary color. Adding the less dominate colors of orange or red in smaller doses to compliment and give the space much more depth.

Another important item is decorative hardware . It is an accessory often forgotten. You can add a whole new style or depth to furniture or cabinetry for any room in a home.

You and your home will feel refreshed with a redesign!

Next: consider choosing some new paint colors to those walls but, let’s do that before we hang any art work~


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